Air freight

International air freight is the fastest way to transport cargo. That is why air transport is especially useful when time is of the essence. Delivery of cargo even from the other end of the world takes no more than three or four days. Apart from the fact that the cost of air transport is higher compared to other means, it is irreplaceable when we are talking about urgent delivery over longer distances. Air cargo can also weigh more than is possible, for example, in the case of road transport.

The carriage of goods by air is regulated by the Warsaw Convention.

Cargo accepted for international air transport should meet the following requirements:

  • it must be authorized in the delivery and transit countries
  • must be dimensioned for convenient loading/unloading, placement in the trunk and fastening
  • must have a complete set of relevant documentation, including Waybill
  • they must not be a source of danger to the aircraft, its occupants and other cargo. It is for this reason that dangerous goods should be accompanied by a permit (MSDS declaration), otherwise such cargoes will not be accepted for air transport
  • cargo transport can be carried out by passenger and cargo aircraft

Why air freight with Acland?

Acland offers air freight worldwide. We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of global cargo routes and schedules. We always explore all available options to prevent unexpected delays. Acland ensures that each plane meets the applicable safety standards, thanks to which air cargo transport runs effectively and our clients’ cargo reaches its destination safely.

In addition, thanks to the constant analysis of available cargo air transport options, we are able to offer our customers the best possible prices.

Short transit time


Very safe delivery

Lower costs of storage and warehousing of goods

Why is it profitable to choose air transport?

Cargo air transport is one of the more expensive options for delivering goods around the world. So why should you choose it?

The best-known advantage of air freight is the short transit time. Air freight is the best option when the client requires fast delivery of the goods. It's one of the fastest options available when the distance between the starting point and the destination is huge and the time to complete the order is very short. For example, air transport from China to Poland can be made in 2-3 days - no other form of transport will provide us with such results.
It is also the solution that is characterized by the greatest punctuality - road transport depends on road conditions, sea transport often depends on the weather. Air transport is at the top of the list when it comes to timely delivery of goods, regardless of the destination.
The delivery of air cargo is also very safe. In air freight, the transhipment points of goods are smaller compared to sea and road freight, which reduces the risk of loss, theft or damage to the cargo. Also, given that airports have strict security standards, air freight is a safer option for freight transport.
International air freight also allows for lower costs of storage and warehousing of goods. As it facilitates faster logistics, there is no longer a need to store a large amount of inventory. Any stock can be replenished within 2-3 days depending on the goods. Therefore, air freight can help reduce warehousing costs at your destination.