Delivery of groupage cargo on the Poland-UAE route

from 1 to 25 pallets

Delivery of groupage cargo on the Poland-UAE route

from 1 to 25 pallets

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The delivery of goods to the UAE can be done using many different means of transport. It is possible to transport UAE-Poland cargo in containers, on pallets or in boxes. Air freight is the fastest form of delivery in this case, so it will be perfect for orders where time is of the essence. General cargo from the UAE can also be transported by sea freight, on bulk carriers that store containers. Transportation of cargo from the UAE is also possible by international transport of goods by car and international rail transport.

Types of freight:

Air freight


Road freight


Maritime freight

from 25

Rail freight


Types of cargo packaging:


Packing with stretch film

Plywood box

Wooden chest

How is your cargo transported?

Consolidated loads transported from Poland to the UAE or from the UAE to Poland consist of several small consignments that belong to different owners.

Cargo transportation UAE-Poland

The United Arab Emirates is an economy that is growing at a rapid pace – there is a reason why it’s one of the richest countries in Western Asia. It is also one of the most important trade partners of our country in the Middle East. We are happy to use products imported from the United Arab Emirates, but we are even more willing to export to them. Export to UAE is the basis of this trade relationship – we send there more goods than we import.

Delivery of goods to UAE - which goods do we export to the UAE most often?

It may interest you that mechanical and electrical equipment and tools are most often exported from Poland to the UAE. The next group are base metals and metal products such as steel or cast iron. Cargoes from Poland to the UAE also include food products, chemical products, tobacco, wooden furniture, ships and yachts.

Other countries that export a large amount of goods to the UAE include China, Saudi Arabia, India and Germany. From these countries, the UAE imports gold, cars, diamonds and oil.

UAE exports to Poland mechanical, optical, electrical devices, untreated aluminum, plastic products and textiles.

Import UAE-Poland -
what forms of transport are the most popular?

Of course, sea and air freight are the most popular options on this route.

Sea freight

Sea freight to United Arab Emirates

In terms of price, sea freight is of course more profitable. It also allows for transport of large-size loads. It is, of course, slower than air transport, which is why it is chosen by companies that care more about the price of transport than time.
Transportation of cargo from the UAE to Poland is usually carried out from the Jebel Ali port – it is the largest artificial port in the world. Transport from this port to Poland usually takes 8-10 days.

Air freight

Air transport to UAE

Of course, this type of transport is chosen for smaller shipments, often those with a short expiration date, that need to be delivered within a few days. It is also a safer form of transport. There are as many as 12 airports in the UAE, the largest of which is in Dubai. Transport from them to Poland usually takes 2-3 days.