Delivery of groupage cargo on the Poland-India route

from 1 to 25 pallets

Delivery of groupage cargo on the Poland-India route

from 1 to 25 pallets

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The delivery of goods to India can be done using many different means of transport. It is possible to transport India-Poland cargo in containers, on pallets or in boxes. Air freight is the fastest form of delivery in this case, so it will be perfect for orders where time is of the essence. Cargo from Poland to India can also be transported by sea freight, on bulk carriers that store containers. Cargo transportation to India is also possible by international road transport and international rail transport.

Types of freight:

Air freight


Road freight


Maritime freight

from 35


Rail freight


Types of cargo packaging:


Packing with stretch film

Plywood box

Wooden chest

How is your cargo transported?

Consolidated loads transported from Poland to India or from India to Poland consist of several small batches that belong to different owners.

Cargo transportation India-Poland

India is one of the largest economies in the world – the country is quickly catching up with China. No wonder that European countries, including Poland, eagerly import goods from this great nation, as well as sell their goods to them. Now, thanks to the many available types of transport offered by Acland, it’s even easier!

Delivery of goods too India

Among Polish goods in India, the products of the electrical and mechanical industries are the most popular. A large part of exports from Poland to India are also products of the chemical industry: rubber products and organic chemistry.

Delivery of goods from India – what do we import from this country the most?

Poland is one of the largest importers from India in Europe. We most willingly import products from the chemical, textile and electrical industries. We also buy precious metal products from India.

Transport India

Air freight

Air cargo delivery from India is the fastest way

If we import goods from India and time is of the essence for us, the best option will of course be air freight. Together with all formalities, such an order may take from 3 to 5 days. The transport of goods between India and Poland by plane will therefore be much faster than, for example, sea freight. Of course, it is also a more expensive option, which is why it is chosen by customers for whom time is of the essence.

Maritime freight

Cargo transportation from India – how long does it take to transport goods by sea?

In the case of sea transport, it will last from 35 days upwards. Much depends on the port in India, of course, because there are many of them and they are scattered all over the country. Although it takes longer to transport goods to India in this way, it is a very financially viable option, which is why many customers choose it.

India Poland cargo transportation

choose a trusted logistics company

Due to the amount of goods that can be traded with India, as well as the great distance that separates our countries, in the case of import or export from India, we will definitely want to choose a logistics company that will ensure the safety of our shipments. Acland is a good choice that allows us to choose from many types of transport, and at the same time we can be sure of low prices.