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We offer all means of shipping

In order to deliver the cargo to the right place in the world, we provide our clients with all shipping options

From boxes to oversized loads

Delivery of goods of any size, e.g. construction and agricultural machinery

Worldwide delivery

Reliable delivery to 193 countries worldwide

Any means of transport

Air, rail, road and ocean transport

From boxes to oversized loads

Delivery of goods of any size, e.g. construction and agricultural machinery

A logistics company that can handle any size

Regardless of whether you want to order the transport of one pallet or large, large-size machine parts, our logistics company will find the optimal solution for your needs. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer transport of loads of various dimensions and sizes. Our portfolio includes, for example, transport of boats, construction loaders, tower cranes and many others.

Acland is a trusted retailer of agricultural products

Logistics services are not everything – our logistics company also deals with wholesale of agricultural products such as sugar, grain, sunflower oil or sunflower seeds. We cooperate with both large agricultural producers and small wholesalers. Currently, we also sell agricultural products from Ukraine.

Sale of sugar

Sale of grain

Sale of sunflower

Sale of sunflower seeds

In addition to attractive prices, we also provide forms of transport that ensure that agricultural products reach their destination in a perfect state. Logistics is a particularly important aspect in the case of agricultural products. Their logistics service requires planning, which is only possible thanks to Acland’s many years of experience.

Trade from A to Z

At Acland, we want our logistics services to be as comprehensive as possible. That is why we try to ensure that our logistics service provides transport services from A to Z. We can store your shipments in our warehouses, which are scattered around the world: in Warsaw, Ukraine, China or South Korea. We can consolidate loads, allowing you to reduce shipping costs. Our logistics company will also take care of packing them on pallets, in boxes, crates and containers that will ensure their safety during the journey as well as ensure appropriate labels.

We will also take care of completing the appropriate documentation, so you don’t have to spend valuable time. This includes e.g. documents required for customs clearance. Thanks to our experience, the whole process runs smoothly and faster than in the case of an individual client.

International trade

Our logistics company offers customers transport options to the largest markets around the world: USA, Turkey, India, China and the United Arab Emirates. We are constantly looking for new connections in order to provide our customers with the best prices and the fastest delivery times.

We offer all means of transport

In order to deliver the cargo to the right place in the world, we provide our clients with all transport options. By sending us an application, you can be sure that we will choose a form of transport for you that will allow you to safely send goods at an attractive price.

Is fast delivery your priority? Since we provide our customers with many forms of transport, we will easily meet your demands! Our logistics services also include air freight, which will make your shipment reach the other end of the world in 3 to 5 days. This is the best way to transport valuable and perishable goods. We offer our clients the option of air transport even to remote areas such as China, India or the USA. The entire service also includes, of course, taking care of all documentation. At Acland, we strive to provide logistics services that are as comprehensive as possible.

Do you want your shipment to reach its destination at the lowest possible price? If price is more important to you than delivery time, we have many different transport options for you. Our logistics company always tries to choose the best routes for clients, which allow you to reduce logistics costs.

Sea transport is a cheaper alternative (compared to air freight) for shipments transported over long distances, for example to Asia or North America. Thanks to our experience, shipments are delivered to the destination in the most economical way possible.

Our offer will meet your expectations Road, rail, air, sea transport – regardless of the size and type of cargo you send, we will find a form of transport that will be the safest for the given goods and the best for your company. Logistic handling of shipments is our reality: we have experience in choosing the optimal means of transport – regardless of whether it is a container, pallet or bags.

When accepting an order, we always take into account the dimensions of your cargo, its type, as well as the country of import or export. We choose the logistics services that will work best for you – we approach each order individually. Because of this, our customers always get the best offer in terms of price and delivery time. At the same time, they do not have to worry about arranging documentation related to transport: we help in completing customs documents.