Maritime freight

International transport of goods in containers on bulk carriers is one of the most cost-effective forms of transport and allows you to deliver goods to different continents. A large part of the cargo all over the world is delivered thanks to sea transport. Container transport by sea occupies a significant place in the total number of goods transported.

Special features of cargo transportation by sea

Cargo transportation by sea is the cheapest way to move cargo over longer distances. It has no restrictions as to the size and weight of the transported goods, it is also characterized by an extensive geography of delivery. Sea container transport uses 20- and 40-foot containers, in which various types of cargo can be placed.

Why should you choose sea freight?

It was sea transport that allowed the development of international transport of goods in containers. Despite the later development of other methods, such as air and rail transport, sea container transport is still one of the most frequently chosen logistics options. This is possible due to the relatively low cost of this method of transport, the large capacity of sea vessels, and few restrictions on the loads that can be transported in this way.
When deciding on sea freight, we primarily care about safety of our goods. Transport by sea is reliable and efficient – loads transported in containers are resistant to weather conditions and any unplanned situations.

Personalized approach

Analysis of customer needs

Years of experience

What sets Acland apart from the rest of the shipping industry?

First of all, we pay special attention to the individual requirements of our customers. It’s possible thanks to the experience of our employees, who over the years have organized transport of many unusual and valuable loads. Thanks to this, we are able to offer optimal transport routes for container loads at competitive prices.

Before each order, we analyze the needs of our customers, the characteristics of their cargo and select the best route and method of packing the cargo. Acland allows import of goods in containers and at the same time strictly adheres to the terms of the contract and ensures punctuality – we realize that this is often the most important factor. Years of experience also mean many good connections with carriers, port service and customs officers, which guarantees an efficient process of completing all formalities related to sea freight.

What goods can be transported by sea?

In addition to standard goods, such as food, furniture, clothes or various machines, sea transport also allows you to transport unusual loads that cannot be transported, for example, by air. These can be:

Petroleum and petroleum products

Chemical industry products

Liquefied gas


Various types of raw materials

By compliance with all national and international standards, the transport of even dangerous substances is possible and, above all, safe – both for the environment and the cargo itself. In the case of such goods, the conditions of their transport are determined individually.