Road freight

This type of transport is nothing more than the delivery of goods by land. Transportation of goods by road is the most popular form not only in Europe, but all over the world. Its advantage is the favorable price-quality ratio.

In this regard, we offer:

  • international transportation of goods by car
  • international transport of general cargo
  • freight transport to Poland
  • road transport of oversized loads

What distinguishes the carriage of goods by road transport?

International road transport of cargos is the most direct form of delivery: goods can go from point A to point B without the need for reloading and intermediaries. This, of course, increases the safety of the load itself, reduces the cost of the entire project and shortens its time.

International transport means lower costs for customers

Road transport services have many advantages over other types of transport. If you look at the capital required for road transport, it is much less than for other modes of transport such as air freight or sea freight. For customers for whom the low cost of cargo transport is important, the delivery of goods by land will certainly be the best option.

Door to door service

The unmatched advantage of road transport is that it provides a door-to-door service. Road transport is the only means of transport that provides delivery directly to the destination. Comparing it to rail or air transport, where you first have to deliver the shipment to the transport terminal and then choose another means of transport, it is certainly an option with less reloading and filling out documents. Thanks to road transport, it is possible to load goods at the source (e.g. at the manufacturer) and deliver them directly to the destination (e.g. customer).

Personalized approach

Analysis of customer needs

Years of experience

Transportation by truck provides flexibility and the ability to travel to different corners of the world

Many places in the world do not have access to ports, airports or railway tracks. Trucks will reach almost every corner of the world.

International trucking also has another advantage: it is very flexible. Road transport has a huge advantage over other modes of transport in this aspect. Routes and dates can be easily and quickly changed according to the individual needs of customers without much problem. Regardless of whether it is international transport of general cargo or road transport of oversized cargo, it is in many cases the most convenient form of transport.