Rail freight

International rail transport of goods is carried out with various types of rolling stock. At the moment, it is a cost-effective and reliable means of transport and is particularly useful for the transport of oversized loads and large batches of goods. Rail transport of containerized goods is particularly common between European countries and China.

Rail transport of goods to Poland - a sustainable means of transport

Rail transport is one of the most sustainable means of transport – if only because it enables emission-free freight transport. Right now it’s a very important factor for many countries and enterprises. The advantage of this type of transport is certainly the lack of negative impact on increasingly congested traffic. This is especially important in regions that are important transit points for transport. Of course, rail transport reduces not only traffic jams, but also noise and pollution emissions in cities – tracks are usually located on the edge of large agglomerations.

Rail export allows you to transport goods in bulk

In the case of loads that are impossible to pack in cardboard boxes or crates, companies often choose sea or air freight. An alternative to these forms of transport is rail freight. Whether for indoor parts, lumber or other heavy loads, rail is a proven method of transporting heavy shipments over long distances. It also allows for many forms of transport of goods:

in containers

bulk - e.g. coal, grain

in crates and on pallets

In addition, trains are better equipped than, for example, trucks to transport large quantities of goods. Rail cargo can be transported in a block train where it is distributed over several wagons. Moreover, rail transport is usually faster than ships, cheaper than air freight and more environmentally friendly than both of these forms of transport.

Rail freight is also at the top when it comes to the safety of goods. This is why some dangerous goods can only be transported by rail. Since obstacles such as traffic jams and accidents do not apply to trains, this mode of transport is the least susceptible to any kind of disruption on the route. Thus, rail freight is also often the most timely form of transport.