Delivery of groupage cargo on the Poland-USA route

from 1 to 25 pallets

Delivery of groupage cargo on the Poland-USA route

from 1 to 25 pallets

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Delivery of goods from the USA can be done using many different means of transport. It is possible to ship USA-Poland in containers, on pallets or in boxes. Air freight is the fastest form of delivery in this case, so it will be perfect for orders where time is of the essence. Cargo from Poland to the USA can also be transported by sea freight, on bulk carriers that store containers. Delivery from the USA is also possible via international road transport and international rail transport.

Types of freight:

Air freight


Road freight


Maritime freight

from 25

Rail freight


Types of cargo packaging:


Packing with stretch film

Plywood box

Wooden chest

How is your cargo transported?

Consolidated loads transported from Poland to the USA or from the USA to Poland consist of several small consignments that belong to different owners.

Cargo transportation USA-Poland

The United States is the largest free market economy in the world. No wonder that it’s a very important trading partner for all European countries, including Poland. US export to Poland is counted in billions of dollars. Most often these are products such as:

Products of the electromechanical industry



Agricultural and
food products

Chemical industry products

Of course, the US also imports a lot of goods from our country. We should mention here:



Car parts and accessories


hearing aids

(fresh or frozen)

Mechanical and electrical devices

As you can see, the scope of exports from Poland to the US is very wide and applies to many industries and branches of business. Cooperation between our countries is also constantly developing, which means a high demand for transport between our country and the United States.

Forwarding USA-Poland –
what kind of transport do we have to choose from?

Of course, given the location of the US, companies importing or exporting goods have two forms of transport to choose from: sea and air.

Sea freight

USA-Poland – cargo transport by sea

This type of transport is suitable for both larger loads and loads that do not fill the container. Then, of course, groupage transport (LCL) i.e. transporting loads of several customers in one container, is possible. Cargoes from Poland to the USA or vice versa can travel this route in cartons, pallets, bags and other forms of packaging.
Since in the case of the United States, car and rail transport are not an option, it is sea freight that will be the most competitive in terms of price. So it’s a great option for customers for whom price matters more than speed of delivery. The delivery time of course depends on whether we use an East Coast or West Coast port in the USA. It can take from 10 to even 30 days.

Air freight

USA-Poland - air transport

Air delivery of goods from the USA (or to the USA) is by far the fastest form of transport, which will take about 2-3 days. This type of freight is especially popular in the case of valuable goods or those with a short shelf life.