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Air Delivery of Goods from the USA to Poland: 4 Important Advantages

Dostawa lotnicza towarów z USA do Polski

Are you planning to import goods from the USA to Poland and considering the best transportation method? Opting for air cargo could be a winning choice—this solution offers numerous benefits and can significantly enhance your business operations. Let’s explore why air delivery of goods from the USA to Poland is a smart decision!

Short Transit Time

Air transport is undoubtedly the fastest method for delivering goods from the USA to Poland. Air shipments can reach their destination within 3-5 days, which is crucial for urgent deadlines or perishable products. In contrast, maritime transport of 40HC and 20DC containers from the USA to Polish ports takes at least 25 days. This substantial difference makes air transport an ideal option for time-sensitive forwarding from the USA to Poland.

High Level of Safety

Air transport is considered the safest way to deliver goods. Airports are equipped with advanced security systems that minimize the likelihood of theft or damage to the cargo. Additionally, goods transported by air are less exposed to adverse weather conditions that could affect their quality. On the USA-Poland route, air transport carries a very low risk of disaster that could result in loss of cargo, making it a reliable choice for US export operations.

Availability of Airports in the USA and Poland

Both the USA and Poland have well-developed airport networks, facilitating the organization of air cargo transportation. The United States has numerous international airports handling vast amounts of cargo daily. In Poland, cargo airports are available in every region, ensuring that trucking in the USA to the airport and in Poland to the final destination requires minimal time and money.

Simplified Customs Clearance

Maritime transport often involves ships stopping at ports in other countries, necessitating transit-related formalities. Air transport from the USA to Poland, however, is direct, resulting in a simplified customs clearance process. This procedure takes place solely at the airport of the exporting country (USA) and the importing country (Poland). Consequently, organizing air deliveries of goods is faster and less complicated than, for instance, shipping consolidated cargo loads by sea from the USA.

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