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Cargo Transport from China: 4 Important Things to Consider

Na co zwrócić uwagę przy transporcie ładunków z Chin?

China is an important trade partner for Poland, with an increasing number of businesses showing interest in importing goods from this country. If you’re considering such a move, practical advice can prove invaluable. Explore the crucial aspects to keep in mind when organizing the transport of cargo from China to Poland.


Compiling necessary documentation is a pivotal element in organizing exports from China. Ensure the preparation of transportation documents to facilitate smooth customs clearance. Verify that the cargo complies with all certification and licensing requirements in both the country of origin and the destination country. A profound understanding of customs regulations regarding transport from China is also essential.

Means of Transport

One of the critical considerations in cargo transport from China to Poland is the choice of means of transportation. This decision should be based on the nature of the imported goods, deadlines, and budget. For instance, air transport from China to Poland incurs significant costs but promises a swift delivery. On the other hand, shipping cargo in 40 HC and 20DC maritime containers from China may take over 35 days but proves cost-effective, especially for oversized or bulk shipments. Additionally, the eco-friendly option of railway transportation from China is worth considering.

Cargo Security

Ensuring the safety of the cargo is a top priority in every transport operation. Proper securing of cargo minimizes the risk of losses due to misplacement or damage during the journey to Poland. It’s crucial to confirm that small cargo from China is securely packaged, and goods on pallets from China to Poland remain stable during transit. Moreover, investing in insurance and implementing anti-theft measures can be wise decisions.

Cargo Tracking

The ability to track cargo from China to Poland is undoubtedly one of the most practical solutions in recent years. Modern monitoring systems enable real-time tracking of the cargo’s location and status. This allows for a quick estimation of the remaining time for the China-Poland container train or other means of transportation. It also facilitates the recovery of lost goods during the export from China.

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