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Exporting Goods from China to Poland: 4 Key Challenges

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Exporting goods from China to Poland is becoming increasingly popular among companies seeking to leverage the wealth of manufacturing opportunities and low labor costs in the Chinese market. However, there are still many challenges associated with organizing transportation from China. Check out what to consider when planning the delivery of goods from China.

Choosing the Optimal Transportation Method

Transporting goods from China to Poland can be done in several different ways, including by sea, air, rail, or a combination thereof. The choice of the appropriate method depends mainly on the type of goods, their value, delivery time, and the budget allocated for exporting from China. Currently, container trains from China to Poland are becoming increasingly popular due to their relatively good speed compared to sea transportation and competitive prices compared to air freight.

Complexity of Customs Procedures and Documentation

Exporting from China to Poland requires compliance with numerous customs regulations and documentation requirements. Companies involved in transporting cargo on the China-Poland route must be aware not only of Chinese export regulations but also of Polish import procedures. Errors in filling out documents can lead to delivery delays and additional costs related to customs duties and taxes.

Managing Delivery Time

Delivering goods from China to Poland can be time-consuming, especially if you opt for maritime delivery in 40 HC and 20 DC containers from China. Delays due to weather conditions, technical issues, or customs regulations can result in the inability to meet the delivery deadlines. Therefore, it is important to plan transportation well in advance and consider potential delays.

Optimizing Transportation Costs

Transportation costs from China to Poland can be a significant factor affecting business profitability. This is especially true for air freight from China. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully explore different transportation options and negotiate favorable terms with carriers. Choosing the right carrier and optimally packing goods on pallets from China to Poland can also help reduce transportation costs.

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