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Import from Korea to Poland – What You Need to Know

Import z Korei do Polski

The import of goods from South Korea to Poland has been vibrant for quite some time. This is largely due to the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and South Korea, established in 2011, as well as the demand for products from this popular Asian country. Let’s discover more about goods imported from Korea to Poland.

What Goods Does Poland Import from South Korea?

Poland imports goods from various sectors of the Korean economy. Shipments from Korea often include machinery, machine parts, transportation equipment, and household appliances. Electronics also enjoy considerable popularity, with smartphones and televisions leading the way. Cargo loads from Korea involve automobiles and car parts too. Moreover, Polish companies are increasingly ordering Korean cosmetics, as well as food products for preparing Asian dishes, and clothing from the popular brand Fila.

How can you transport cargo from Korea to Poland?

When planning the transportation of goods from Korea to Poland, companies have several options to consider. Maritime transport is widely favored, allowing for the cost-effective shipment of large quantities of cargo. However, maritime containers from Korea to Poland can take at least 35 days to arrive. Sometimes, air freight can be an alternative, especially for products with short expiration dates and urgent deliveries. Goods can be delivered to Poland within just 3-5 days by plane. For the transportation of cargo from the port to the final destination, road or rail transport can be used.

The future of importing goods from Korea to Poland

Korea remains a somewhat exotic market for Poland. However, the growing interest in Korean culture indicates a promising future for trade between the two countries. It is projected that electronics, particularly innovative electronic devices and smartphones, will continue to be an important part of imports from this Asian country. Furthermore, increasing consumer awareness of Korean cosmetics and fashion may lead to further growth in imports from these sectors. The high quality of Korean products and the rising purchasing power of Poles also contribute to the interest in Korean goods.

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