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Importing Goods from China — Why Should You Choose Maritime Freight?

Import towarów z Chin

Transporting goods from China to Poland presents significant challenges, with the choice of transportation means being a crucial factor. When planning the delivery of cargo from China, it’s worth considering the advantages of maritime shipping. Let’s explore why exporting from China via sea transport is a wise choice.

Cost-Effective for Long Distances

Transporting cargo from China to Poland involves relatively high costs due to the substantial distance between the two countries. Maritime freight often proves to be much cheaper than air freight when it comes to shipping goods from China. The prices for shipping 20-foot and 40-foot containers from China are particularly advantageous. By reducing import costs, businesses can enhance their competitiveness in the industry.

Ability to Transport Large Volumes

China is renowned for producing a wide range of goods in large quantities. Maritime transport allows for the movement of exceptionally capacious 20-foot and 40-foot containers from China. This is especially appealing to businesses dealing with small shipments from China, engaging in large-scale imports, or requiring regular deliveries of substantial quantities of goods. Cargo ships have far greater capacity than air freight options when importing goods from China.

Fewer Restrictions on Cargo Types

Maritime cargo transportation from China offers greater flexibility when it comes to the types of goods being transported. In contrast to air transport and rail delivery of goods from China, maritime shipping imposes fewer limitations regarding the size, weight, and shape of the cargo. Cargo ships are highly accommodating and offer significantly more space than, for instance, China-Poland container trains. This makes organizing cargo transportation from China much easier.

Lower Risk of Cargo Theft

The risk of cargo theft is significantly lower on cargo ships. Containers traveling from China to Poland via sea routes are well-secured, making unauthorized access difficult. Furthermore, escaping from a ship is not easy, further minimizing the risk of cargo loss or theft during transit from China. This, in turn, allows for cost optimization in the export process from China to Poland.

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