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Our Experience in Maritime Transport: 3 Important Projects

Nasze doświadczenie w transporcie morskim

Acland Company has extensive experience in international containerized cargo transport. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work on many truly interesting projects, showcasing our expertise in oversized and project cargo transportation. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of three exceptional projects we have been a part of.

Express Boat Transport to the UAE

In our array of services, you can find maritime container transport (and more) to the United Arab Emirates. One of our clients, who opted for our services on this route, required a swift delivery of boats. Complicating matters was the fact that we took on the project in the last week of 2019. We efficiently delivered the cargo to the loading port in the shortest possible time, ensuring proper securing of the goods and assembling the necessary customs clearance documents. The delivery in Flat Rack containers took 37 days.

Oversized Steel Cargo

In this particular project, maritime container transport involved delivery of steel semi-finished products. Our task was to deliver a 450-ton cargo from Poland to China. We utilized specialized Roll Trailers due to the weight and nature of the cargo, ruling out the use of standard 20 DC or 40 HC containers. Poland was just one stage of the sea container shipment. While working on the project, we meticulously planned the transshipment in several European hubs. The maritime freight to China ultimately took 45 days. The total amount of cargo was 6 pieces.

Melting Furnace

Equally ambitious was the project involving exporting a melting furnace from Poland to a smelter plant in Guinea via container transport. The assignment was also executed using a roll trailer. Timeliness was crucial for the client, and the delivery spanned 50 days, an impressive result for this route. The cargo measured a substantial 16 meters, adding an extra layer of challenge for us. Opting against chartering an entire ship or its part, we chose to load the furnace, transship it in several European hubs, and proceed with direct maritime freight to the port of Conakry. The total amount of cargo was 3 pieces.

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