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Our Services: Cargo Transportation between UAE and Poland

Nasze usługi: przewóz ładunków ZEA-Polska

Acland Logistics has a vast experience in international transportation logistics in the route between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Poland. We can help you with customs clearance, air and sea freight transportation, and various other aspects of shipping goods to and from the UAE. Let’s delve into our services for cargo transport between the UAE and Poland!

Types of Transportation

When it comes to the UAE to Poland route, we offer both air cargo and sea freight transportation options. While the distance may not be as vast as in case of China air freight, many of our clients opt for air deliveries. It’s the fastest way to get goods from the UAE to Poland, with cargo potentially arriving within 2-5 days. This speed is crucial, especially for perishable goods or tight deadlines. On the other hand, sea freight is significantly more economical than air freight but requires more time, typically ranging from a minimum of 25 days. However, utilizing the Jebel Ali, the world’s largest artificial port, often shortens this duration to just 8-10 days.

Most Commonly Transported Loads

The type of products we transport depends on our clients’ needs. We undertake various ambitious projects, including delivering a smelting furnace to Guinea or transporting a tower crane from China to Kiev. Cargo from Poland to the UAE commonly includes mechanical and electrical equipment, tools, non-precious metals, steel, iron, food products, chemicals, tobacco, wooden furniture, ships, and yachts. Interestingly, we export more to the UAE than we import. From this region, we import mechanical, optical, and electrical equipment, raw aluminum, plastic products, and textile goods via international air and sea freight.

Insights into Our Services on this Route

Under our services, we assist in organizing professional air and sea freight delivery to and from the UAE. We provide detailed shipping cost estimates and aid in preparing necessary customs documentation. Subsequently, we ensure secure sea freight or air transport, prioritizing cargo safety and adherence to deadlines. Reach out to us to discuss the details of our future collaboration!

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