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Road transportation is one of the oldest known forms of transporting goods – roads had been in use for transportation purposes long before trains, marine and air infrastructure was invented. International road transportation with the use of cars, vans and trucks with its many advantages, is one of the most popular methods of moving goods in and outside of Poland. 

Road transportation is advantageous

Delivering goods using road infrastructure is the fastest and most popular method of transportation and perfect for shorter distances. Both importing and exporting large-sized and general goods can be organized with the use of door-to-door  service – transport is taken straight from the producer and delivered directly to the client. 

Truck or semi-trailer cars use all the road infrastructure possible: highways, roads, bypasses and smaller streets. It guarantees efficient transportation due to wide availability of subcontractors. 

When compared to other methods of transportation, road infrastructure is highly flexible and comparably cheap. 

Disadvantages of road transportation

Car crashes, road accidents, exhaust emissions and limits for weight and large-size loads are among road transportation’s biggest disadvantages if you want to move goods in or out of Poland. You need to take into consideration the fact that streets are often busy and the carrier cannot influence what is happening on the road, which may directly affect deadlines.

When is road transportation a good option?

Road transportation is the best solution for you and your company, if your load weighs a significant amount.

A reliable company will consult and advise the most efficient option for your business. If you plan to move your goods for shorter distances (up to a couple of thousands of kilometers) and time is your highest priority, choose road transportation. Whether your delivery is a general delivery or contains large-sized items, it should always be matched with your requirements.

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