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czym jest logistyka

What is logistics and who is a Logistics Specialist?

Generally speaking, logistics is the process of moving people and goods from place A to place B. All the produce we have, reaches our stores and supermarkets from the production facilities thanks to the wide process of organization and logistics. The person who made it happen, is a Logistics Specialist. 

What does a Logistics Specialist do?

The standard job description of a Logistics Specialist includes: 

  • organization and planning of import and export
  • production continuity management through supply ordering
  • communication with clients on a regular basis
  • order status confirmation
  • communication and maintaining warehouse supply 
  • dealing with complaints or other irregularities 
  • documentation handling
  • taking care of technical condition of the fleet
  • control of loading and unloading goods

The list of responsibilities may vary according to the industry and other needs for the job. The position may include tasks which require multitasking and working in a busy environment. 

What makes a good Logistics Specialist?

A perfect candidate for the position is a person with great organization skills who knows how to do multitasking jobs . The tasks often overlay which means that being able to do multiple tasks simultaneously is a must. Prediction, imagination and analytical mind is highly regarded for Logistics Specialists. There is almost no room for mistakes, which is why the job is perfect for thorough and focused people. 

Nowadays, employers find it more difficult to acquire workers due to the low unemployment rate and bigger mobility of people searching for work. Companies not only employ specialists, but try to keep them in their workplace by offering benefits, creating a good atmosphere and chances for development within the industry. 


For the logistics industry, one must obtain a technical school or a university degree in the area of logistics or similar. This education gives all the necessary skills and knowledge required – transport law, civil and economic law. A graduate is also able to possess knowledge in the field of marketing, transportation and microeconomics.

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