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The World’s Top 4 Cargo Airports

4 największe porty lotnicze cargo na świecie

Air transport stands as one of the fastest and most efficient means of moving goods on a global scale, playing a pivotal role in international trade. At the heart of this system are cargo airports. Let’s explore the four largest cargo airports worldwide.

Hong Kong International Airport

Undoubtedly, Hong Kong International Airport leads the world in cargo air transport. In 2022 alone, this airport handled over 4 million tons of air cargo. With 15 cargo operators connecting the airport to nearly 150 destinations worldwide, it serves as a key hub for air freight from China to Poland and other countries. The strategic location, often referred to as the “Gateway to China,” is the airport’s secret to success in the international air freight industry.

Memphis International Airport

In 2022, Memphis International Airport in the United States also surpassed the 4 million-ton milestone in cargo. This airport holds a significant position on the global map of air cargo deliveries, primarily due to its role as the hub for FedEx Express. Notably, FedEx Express is the world’s largest cargo airline in terms of fleet size and cargo tonnage. Interestingly, Memphis was the world’s leading cargo airport from 1993 to 2009 and regained the top spot in 2020.

Anchorage-Ted Stevens International Airport

The third spot among cargo airports goes to Anchorage-Ted Stevens International Airport in Alaska. It is evident that air transport globally heavily centers around the United States. In recent years, this Alaskan airport has significantly improved its position, handling nearly 3.5 million tons of cargo in 2022. Major players in air cargo transport, such as FedEx Express and UPS Airlines, utilize this airport for their freight operations.

Shanghai-Pudong International Airport

The fourth-largest cargo airport in the world handled just over 3 million tons of cargo in 2022. Dozens of airlines operate cargo flights from this airport, making logistics for loading and unloading cargo a considerable challenge. Notably, UPS Airlines organizes air transport from this airport to Poland. To be specific, the cargo loads from Shanghai-Pudong International Airport are sent to Warsaw Chopin Airport.

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