Acland - warehouse
in Warsaw

Types of storage: pallet, tray, floor.

  •  storage,
  • consolidation,
  • deconsolidation,
  • weighing,
  • sorting,
  • repackaging,
  • marking.

Why should you choose us?

Our “A” class warehouse is located south of Warsaw (Kolonia Lesznowola 05-506, at Postępu 16 street). It’s located on the E77 route and in the immediate vicinity of the newly built route towards Warsaw. The logistics warehouse is located on the transport route from the EU towards Belarus and Ukraine, 6 km from the Chopin Airport, 120 km from Łódź, 200 km from the border with Belarus and 300 km from the border with Ukraine. The proximity of Warsaw and major transport hubs makes our complex an ideal location for organizing efficient logistics transport.
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Our warehouse in the south of Warsaw has many modern solutions that ensure the safety of our customers’ cargo:

  • storage capacity – 350 pallet places with the possibility of expansion
  • the ability to apply the basic principles of goods handling – FIFO, FEFO and LIFO
  • ventilation system
  • constant temperature mode
  • fire alarm and automatic extinguishing sprinkler system
  • alarm and video surveillance systems
  • access management control
  • system backup
  • autonomous power system

Warehouse logistics Warsaw - what does class "A" mean?

The “A” designation of the warehouse hall means that it’s a space of the highest standards, both in terms of quality, location and technological solutions used in the warehouse. These are all the requirements met by our warehouse in Piaseczno. The loads stored by us are safe from the moment they are received from the owners until the shipment is delivered to its destination.

High-bay warehouse Warsaw - equipment

Our warehouse complex is equipped in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards for each type of cargo:

  • it has specialized production equipment and an automated record keeping system
  • all staff is qualified and experienced
  • video monitoring has been installed in all the spaces, thanks to which the stored goods are under round-the-clock protection.

The goods storage services provided by Acland will be suitable for:

  • companies that do not have their own storage facilities
  • companies that need additional storage space
  • enterprises that need temporary storage of products for one-time purchases, seasonal turnover of goods.

Stages of professional storage of goods

Unloading and receipt of goods

  • unloading works are carried out both in a mechanized and manual way
  • when receiving the goods, the load is checked for defects, as well as the completeness of the packaging
  • revealed damages are noted in the report and recorded in the photo. Loads arriving in bulk are accepted in pieces and then formed into pallets

Arrangement of the goods

  • the loads entrusted to us for storage are arranged in accordance with the standards applicable to individual categories of goods. We store the goods on shelves, in boxes and on the floor

Handing over the cargo to the customer

  • after the expiry of the storage service period, the goods are handed over to the owner


  • the fee is charged for one pallet place (cell) per day. The rates for other warehouse operations are set individually. We strive to provide our customers with high quality warehousing services combined with attractive prices. Our credo is a transparent pricing policy, full financial responsibility for the received goods, a comprehensive approach to the organization of the warehouse and proper storage of goods.