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3 Reasons to Choose Air Cargo Transportation

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Air cargo transportation is increasingly becoming a popular solution in the logistics industry due to its numerous advantages. It offers the possibility of delivering goods by air in a very short time, and that’s just one of the many benefits of this type of transport. Let’s explore why it’s worth considering air cargo transportation

Fast delivery over long distances 

Air transportation ensures swift delivery of goods, even over long distances. For example, air cargo shipped from Poland to the USA can be delivered in as little as 3-5 days, whereas sea transportation takes at least 25 days. You can learn more about air transportation between Poland and the USA on our website.

Furthermore, international air cargo freight is highly developed, allowing shipments to reach almost any destination very fast. It is also worth noting that significant delays are relatively rare in air cargo transportation. This means you can expect not only fast but also on time delivery. For this reason, air cargo transportation can be considered a reliable choice by your business partners.

High level of safety

Air transportation enjoys significant popularity in the worldwide logistics industry primarily due to its safety. Airports, airlines, and carriers have rigorous security procedures in place, minimizing the risk of loss or damage to cargo during flights. This is particularly important for fragile products, such as glassware. Furthermore, aviation accidents are very rare, resulting in a relatively low risk of cargo loss.

No geographical limitations 

A major advantage of air cargo transportation for logistics is the absence of geographical limitations. Unlike road transportation, for example, there is no need to navigate through obstacles like mountains or road construction. In many cases, it also eliminates the need for complex intermodal transportation. Air transportation to China may only require the additional use of road transportation for delivering goods to the airport in Poland and subsequently reaching the final destination in China.

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