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Import from India to Poland – What You Need to Know

Cargo transportation from India to Poland is currently experiencing dynamic growth. Interestingly, Poland holds a significant position as one of India’s key trading partners in the European market. Over the years, Poland has been importing a wide array of products from various industries in India. Let’s check out what products Poland imports from India and the transportation methods used by logistics companies.

What Products Does Poland Import from India? 

Poland imports products from diverse sectors of the Indian economy. More than one-third of the imported goods from India are chemical industry products, such as paints, dyes, and synthetic materials, widely used in various manufacturing processes. Remarkably, export from Poland to India largely involves chemical industry products as well.

Additionally, the cargo transportation to Poland from India includes mechanical and electrical devices. A significant part of India’s exports to Poland comprises textile products, including clothing. Non-precious metal products and items made from non-precious metals also hold a notable position on the list of imported goods.

Furthermore, agricultural products can often be found in the containers from India to Poland. This category includes products like tobacco, tea, coffee essences, and extracts. Poland also receives various types of general cargo from India.

How Can You Transport Cargo from India to Poland? 

Delivery of goods from India can be made using various means of transport. Due to the considerable distance, many companies choose air freight for import from India to Poland. Air cargo delivery from India to Poland can be accomplished within a swift 3 to 5 days, making it an excellent option for time-sensitive or high-priority goods.

Maritime transport is also often chosen for export from India to Poland. This is mainly due to the relatively low cost of transporting containers 40HC and 20DC from India. Furthermore, it allows for the transportation of larger quantities of goods or oversized products. However, it’s essential to consider the longer transit times for cargo from India to reach Poland, as it takes at least 35 days for a 40 or 20-foot container from India to arrive.

Currently, direct railway transport from India to Poland is not available. Moreover, upon the arrival of India-Poland airlines for cargo or maritime containers from India to Poland, road or railway transportation is necessary to deliver packages and pallets from India to their final destinations.

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