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How to Deliver Goods from China to Poland?

Jak transportować produkty z Chin do Polski?

Are you running a business that requires importing goods from China? Or perhaps you own a logistics company and want to engage in transporting cargo from China to Poland? In that case, a little knowledge about available transportation methods will undoubtedly come in handy. Let’s explore the options for delivering goods from China.

Air Cargo Freight

Air cargo transportation is a fast and secure way to transport goods from China to Poland. Delivery of air freight from China to Poland usually takes only a few days, making it an ideal solution for urgent shipments, as well as shipment of delicate products and items with short shelf lives. It’s worth noting that exporting from China to Poland often involves goods like pharmaceuticals and food products.

Maritime Freight

Maritime transport plays a crucial role in international trade with China. Containers like 40HC or 20DC from China reach Poland within a minimum of 35 days. Despite the longer delivery time compared to air freight, maritime transportation offers cost-effectiveness and allows for the transport of large quantities of goods. This makes it an excellent choice for transporting general cargo from China.

Railway Freight

Railway freight trains are becoming an increasingly popular choice for cargo transportation from China to Poland. Delivery of goods by rail from China takes at least 18 days, making it significantly faster than road and maritime transport. Moreover, it is a relatively economical option, giving freight trains from China to Poland a considerable advantage over cargo planes.

Road Freight

Land transportation of cargo from China to Poland is a convenient solution. It allows for the delivery of goods directly on a single mode of transportation. Additionally, trucks offer flexibility in choosing routes and are almost weather-independent. However, the delivery time for road transportation from China exceeds 35 days.

Intermodal Transportation

The transportation from China to Poland is usually organized using several modes of transportation. For example, on the China-Poland route, air freight may require a combination with road or railway transport. This is because the cargo often needs to be transported from the airport to the final destination.

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