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International transportation of agricultural products – which means of transport to choose?

Międzynarodowy transport produktów rolnych

International transportation of agricultural products is a crucial aspect of global trade. However, due to the specific nature of such cargoes, selecting the right means of transport can be quite challenging. Let’s explore which method of transportation suits your needs best.

Road Freight

Road freight is one of the most popular ways to deliver agricultural products over shorter distances. It is relatively fast, which is essential for perishable goods with short shelf lives. Additionally, it allows direct delivery from the starting point to the destination, a convenience not typically offered by air or maritime freight

However, road freight has its drawbacks. It cannot be used for transporting goods over significant distances or between continents. Furthermore, it is not possible to transport as large quantities of agricultural products as in the case of international transportation in maritime containers.

Air Freight

Many companies dealing with agricultural products opt for air freight. The main reason behind it is the fact that it enables rapid delivery, which is crucial for perishable goods. Items that could spoil during several weeks of transportation in maritime containers can be delivered quickly via cargo airplanes. 

However, the downside of air freight lies in its higher costs compared to sea freight. Due to financial considerations, maritime container transport or truck transportation is favored for international trade on moderately shorter routes.

Maritime Freight

Maritime container freight to and from Poland is quite commonly used for shipping agricultural products. Importing containers to Poland or exporting containers from Poland is safe and cost-effective. Moreover, it allows for the transportation of large quantities of food items, similar to the capacity of goods transported in containerized cargo. 

However, shipping containers by sea involves a considerably long delivery time. While a container to Poland, for example, carrying coffee, can be delivered in a few weeks, it might not be suitable for agricultural products with short shelf lives. Additionally, upon arrival at Gdańsk or Gdynia, further transportation arrangements to the final destination must be arranged.

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