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5 Interesting Facts About Air Cargo Transportation

5 ciekawych faktów o transporcie lotniczym

Air cargo transportation is a crucial element of global logistics. Moreover, its significance for the economies of many countries is likely to grow even further. That’s why it’s worth exploring some interesting facts about this popular method of delivering goods. Let’s dive into the world of air cargo transportation!

The Beginnings of Air Cargo Transportation 

The concept of air cargo transportation dates back to the early 20th century. In November 1910, American entrepreneur Max Morehouse used a Wright Model B aircraft to deliver a package with silk from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio. This pioneering flight marked the beginning of air cargo history and confirmed the immense potential of aviation in transporting goods.

The Largest Air Cargo Airport 

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is recognized as the world’s largest air cargo airport. The airport handles several million tons of cargo annually, including air freight to Poland. Air cargo transportation from China is actively used by DHL, which processes tens of thousands of packages and shipments within an hour. For comparison, the entire air cargo transportation in Poland handles just over 100,000 tons of goods annually.

Conversion of Passenger Aircraft into Cargo Planes

It may come as a surprise to many that the passenger airplanes are often converted into cargo aircraft. After withdrawing them from the passenger services, the fleet is adapted for air cargo transportation needs. Removing seats and other amenities allows for maximum use of the aircraft’s space for cargo.

Temperature-Sensitive Shipments 

Air cargo transportation plays a significant role in transporting temperature-sensitive goods, especially perishable products like fruits, vegetables, medicines, and vaccines. Special aircraft equipped with temperature-controlled containers ensure that air cargo deliveries are made under optimal conditions.

Fast Transportation 

Air cargo transportation is the fastest way to transport goods over long distances. For example, cargo from Poland can be imported from the USA in just a few days, whereas maritime transport would take at least 25 days. Therefore, air cargo transportation to Poland is the best option for urgent deliveries.

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