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5 Stages of Organizing International Air Freight Transportation

5 etapów organizacji międzynarodowego transportu lotniczego

Air transportation is one of the fastest ways to move goods between distant locations. However, organizing the delivery of air cargo is a complex process, and understanding it is crucial for the success of the entire operation. Let’s explore the 5 important stages of international air freight of goods.

Delivery of Cargo to the Airport

The first step in organizing international air transportation is the delivery of cargo to the airport. The goods are collected from the supplier and dispatched to the cargo terminal at the airport. Air cargo shipments should be securely packaged and labeled in strict adherence to aviation regulations.

Procedures at the Airport of Origin

The process of sending goods from the airport involves several stages. First, there is the acceptance of goods, which involves registering the cargo and verifying the correctness of the packaging. Then, an export clearance process takes place, which includes all customs and documentation formalities. Finally, the cargo undergoes security checks, which aim to ensure that it does not contain hazardous materials.

Loading and Transfer to the Destination Airport

After completing the procedures at the airport of origin, the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft. During this stage, airport staff ensure that each cargo is adequately secured for air transportation. Upon arrival at the destination airport, the cargo is prepared for unloading and further delivery stages.

Unloading and Procedures at the Destination Airport

At the destination airport, the cargo is unloaded from the aircraft and undergoes acceptance procedures. Similar to the preparation of air transportation in the country of origin, customs and import clearance procedures are carried out at the destination country. It is also essential to verify whether the cargo has been damaged during the air freight.

Delivery to the Consignee

The final stage involves delivering the cargo to the consignee. After air transportation, the logistics team is responsible for organizing land transportation. Depending on the terms of the agreement, this may involve road or railway freight. In this case, it is also crucial to secure and label the goods properly to ensure that they reach the final recipient undamaged.

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