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4 Things to Consider When Organizing Maritime Freight

Organizacja transportu morskiego — co należy wziąć pod uwagę?

Maritime transportation of goods is undoubtedly a large-scale operation that requires excellent organization. Paying attention to even the smallest details of container delivery can help avoid problems at various stages of the shipment. Let’s explore the key factors to consider when planning the transportation of goods by sea.

Type and Quantity of Goods

The first step in organizing international container transportation is determining the type and quantity of goods. Based on this, you can then select the appropriate type of delivery container and the mode of transportation. In many cases, a standard 20-foot container (20 DC) to Poland is sufficient, while larger shipments may require 40-foot high cube containers (40 HC) to Poland. Additionally, goods with short shelf lives may require refrigerated containers, just as products requiring low temperatures would.

Document Preparation

An extremely important aspect of planning container maritime transportation is compiling the necessary documentation. It is essential to prepare all invoices, bills of lading, quality certificates, and other documents that may be required at the destination port or during transit, for example, through canals. This is particularly crucial if you are shipping goods subject to international trade regulations and import or export restrictions.

Contract Terms

When organizing maritime transport to Poland or another country, it is necessary to draft a contract with the carrier. When choosing a maritime freight service provider, pay special attention to clauses regarding delivery times, cargo insurance, service costs, and any potential additional charges. The contract should be clear and transparent to avoid misunderstandings during maritime container transport.

Transportation Costs

The costs of maritime transportation depend on various factors such as distance, type of container, type of cargo, and delivery time. Before approving an agreement with the carrier, it is advisable to compare offers from different companies and ensure that the price is competitive. However, it’s important not to make decisions based solely on price. The reputation of the carrier is also crucial for the success of container transportation to Poland or any other destination port.

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