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Importing Goods from China — What You Need to Know

Import towarów z Chin — co warto wiedzieć?

China is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters. It is no surprise that importing goods from this country is a significant part of the Polish economy. Discover the key aspects to consider before starting business offering transportation of loads from China to Poland.

Available Means of Transportation

A crucial element in organizing the shipment of goods from China to Poland is selecting the means of transportation that align with your business’s profile and needs. Air freight delivery of goods from China is the fastest way to transport cargo. This is the ideal solution for products with a short shelf life or when you prioritize swift delivery to your customers.

While maritime freight from China is more time-consuming, it is an excellent choice for transporting large quantities of goods and is relatively cost-effective. Railway transport of goods from China serves as a compromise between air and sea transport in terms of delivery time. There is also the option of land transportation using heavy trucks for importing pallets from China to Poland.

Transit Time for Cargo from China

Transport time is one of the key things to consider when importing from China. The fastest way to get goods to their destination is through China-Poland air freight transport, which typically takes only 3 to 5 days. On the other hand, sea and road transport require over 35 days for cargo to travel from China to Poland. Rail transportation generally takes at least 18 days.

Most Commonly Imported Goods from China to Poland

China is renowned for its highly diversified production, covering virtually all product categories. Export from China to Poland frequently involves clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories. Chinese clothing enjoys popularity in Poland mainly due to its attractive prices and wide selection. For years, there has also been substantial demand for toys, making them a significant part of break-bulk cargo shipments from China.

Furthermore, along the China-Poland route, containers often transport electronic equipment, including items like electronics, power tools, and home appliances. Importers are drawn to these products primarily because of their competitive prices and modern technologies. China is also a source for industrial machinery and equipment.

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