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Types of Maritime Cargo Freight: A Practical Guide

Rodzaje transportu morskiego cargo: praktyczny przewodnik

Maritime freight is one of the cornerstones of logistics. Shipping goods by sea plays a crucial role in international trade, enabling the transportation of massive cargo loads across the globe. Let’s explore various types of maritime cargo freight!

Types of Maritime Freight Based on the Region of Operation

Maritime cargo freight can be categorized as international or domestic. International transport involves the shipment of goods between at least two different countries, serving as a vital means of delivering products to distant markets. For instance, India-Poland cargo transportation represents international transport. This mode of transport is instrumental in bridging the gap between far-flung markets. For example, organizing Poland-India trucking can be challenging, primarily due to geopolitical factors along the route.

Conversely, domestic maritime freight relates to the movement of goods within the borders of a single country. In Poland, this often means the exchange of goods along the country’s coastline, such as between the ports of Gdynia and Świnoujście. These routes are relatively short and easy to organize. On the other hand, delivery of goods from northern India to the southern regions spans thousands of kilometers. In this context, organizing cargo transportation in India can often be compared to the international maritime freight between European countries.

Types of Maritime Cargo Transport Based on the Organization of the Destination

Maritime cargo transport, contingent upon the organization of the destination, can be categorized into four main types: cabotage, liner, tramp, and shuttle services. Cabotage is the transportation of the goods between various ports within the borders of a single country. For example, it can involve transporting 40-foot containers from Northern India to the ports in Southern India. The example of liner shipping, on the other hand, can be the export from India to Poland on predetermined maritime routes served by specific shipping lines.

Tramp transportation is characterized by ships that do not adhere to fixed routes but are chartered to carry cargo from one port to another. When loads are regularly shipped from Poland to India between two or more ports, we can refer to this as shuttle transportation. This approach ensures the frequent delivery of goods to India or any other destination.

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