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Export from USA to Poland: How to Negotiate Contracts with Carriers?

Eksport z USA do Polski: Jak negocjować umowy z przewoźnikami?

Exporting from the USA to Poland requires effective logistics to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers in perfect condition. Skillful negotiation of contracts with the right carriers can be the key to your success. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to prepare for effective negotiations with companies specializing in USA-Poland forwarding.

Prepare Well for Negotiations

Before entering into negotiations with carriers, you need to be well-prepared. Remember that choosing the right logistics partner is crucial for the success of your export from the USA. Gather information about potential carriers offering delivery of goods from the USA. Check their experience, fleet of vehicles, serviced routes, and customer reviews. The better you understand their market position and capabilities, the easier it will be for you to negotiate favorable terms, such as air delivery of goods from the USA.

Clearly Define Your Requirements

Before starting negotiations, try to clearly define your requirements for USA-Poland export. Take into account the following issues:

  • Delivery Deadlines: Determine when you need to deliver your products to Poland and how often you need regular deliveries.
  • Type of Transport: Establish whether you need trucking in the USA, followed by air or sea delivery. Each type of transport has its advantages and limitations, so it’s important to tailor your choice to the specifics of your cargo.
  • Cargo Handling: Consider what services you need. You may decide, for example, on loading and unloading, cargo insurance, or consolidated cargo from the USA.
  • Costs: Determine your budget and negotiate attractive prices and payment terms.

Create a Favorable Proposal for Both Parties

During negotiations, your goal should be to find a solution beneficial for both parties. Prepare a proposal that takes into account the interests of both you and the carrier. Propose realistic terms that will allow you to achieve your goals without risking dissatisfaction from the logistics partner. It’s also worth highlighting potential benefits for the carrier, such as ongoing cooperation, long-term contracts for delivery of goods to the USA, or valuable references.

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