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Railway Cargo Transport from China: All You Need to Know

Transport kolejowy cargo z Chin: co warto wiedzieć?

Railway cargo transport is becoming increasingly competitive with maritime and air freight from China. Its growing popularity is certainly not coincidental. However, good preparation is essential for effective railway cargo delivery from China. In this article, you will learn why railway cargo transportation from China to Poland is a good idea and how to organize such an endeavor.

Advantages of Railway Cargo Transport

Transporting goods from China to Poland by rail has numerous advantages. Firstly, this type of delivery generates lower CO2 emissions, contributing to reducing the negative impact of the global supply chain on the environment. Export from China is also much faster than maritime transport and cheaper than air freight. Cargo shipments by container trains on the China-Poland route are also safe and relatively less prone to delays caused by adverse weather or other external factors.

Types of Cargo Wagons

Various types of train wagons are used in railway cargo transport from China to Poland. Choosing the right freight wagons, best suited for transporting specific types of goods, is crucial. Some of the types of cargo wagons available include:

  • Container Wagons: Primarily used for transporting standard cargo in 40 HC and 20 DC containers from China. They can also be used for transporting general cargo from China.
  • Open-Top Wagons: Without a roof, they are used for transporting coal, ore, wood, and other goods that do not require protection from the weather.
  • Refrigerated Wagons: Equipped with cooling devices, they are suitable for transporting food products and other goods requiring low temperatures.
  • Tank Wagons: Used for exporting liquid and gas cargo from China.

Required Documents

Proper documentation is necessary for railway cargo transport from China to Poland to confirm that the transported goods are legal. When organizing cargo transport from China to Poland, it is essential to prepare a waybill, which is a document confirming the conclusion of a carriage contract and specifying the terms of carriage. Additionally, for importing goods such as pallets from China to Poland, you may need a customs declaration and a commercial invoice. Always make sure to clarify exactly which documents you will need for the delivery of goods from China to Poland using cargo trains.

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