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Importing Goods from China – Why Should You Choose Rail Freight?

Importing Goods from China – Why Should You Choose Rail Freight?

International rail freight from China is becoming increasingly popular among companies importing goods to Poland. Container trains offer numerous advantages and are a highly competitive option compared to airplanes and cargo ships. Let’s explore why opting for rail transport of goods from China to Poland is worth considering.

Cost and Delivery Time

Rail freight from China offers benefits in terms of cost and delivery time. The unit cost of shipment is typically lower compared to air freight. Moreover, the delivery time of goods via container trains to Poland is shorter than maritime and road freight. It takes only a minimum of 18 days to deliver goods by train, while you would need at least 35 days in the case of ships and trucks. This makes rail cargo import a truly attractive alternative to other means of long-distance transportation.

Large Load Capacity

Another advantage of rail transport is the ability to carry a large quantity of goods. Container trains can accommodate significantly more cargo than trucks. As a result, businesses can transport larger quantities of goods in a single trip, which positively impacts logistical efficiency. Additionally, rail freight enables the carriage of various types of cargo, including those that are difficult to transport by other means. This includes bulk materials, which require special handling and adequate protection during transportation.

Infrastructure Development

In recent years, there has been a dynamic development of railway infrastructure from China to Europe. The “Belt and Road Initiative” involves the expansion of railway connections. Furthermore, container trains to Poland are integral to planned and existing trade routes. With numerous infrastructure upgrades, rail transport from China may become increasingly cost-effective for carriers and their clients.

Environmental Considerations

Rail transport of goods in containers is considered a relatively environmentally friendly solution. Its negative impact on the environment is significantly lower compared to air transport, which generates large amounts of pollution. Companies committed to sustainable development are increasingly opting for rail exports from China mostly because of its ecological character.

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