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Importing Goods from the USA to Poland – What Documents Will You Need?

Import towarów z USA – jakie dokumenty będą Ci potrzebne?

Shipping goods from the USA to Poland is a process that requires careful preparation and thoughtful action. Gathering the necessary documents is crucial for the smooth execution of import procedures and avoiding unnecessary complications. Learn about the documents you’ll need when organizing exports from the USA to Poland.

Commercial Invoices

A commercial invoice is a fundamental document in commercial transactions for companies involved in forwarding USA-Poland. It must contain detailed information about the goods, such as the product name, quantity, unit price, and total value. Its presence is necessary for calculating import-related fees from the USA to Poland. The invoice also serves as a document confirming the legal purchase of imported shipments from the USA to Poland.

Packing List

A packing list provides detailed information about the contents of shipments transported on the USA-Poland route. The provided data must correspond to the information found in invoices and other documents required for export to Poland from the USA. The packing list also includes many other essential details necessary for customs clearance, including the net and gross weights of transported goods in 40 and 20 containers from the USA or other means of transportation.

Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin confirms the country of origin of goods. This is important when using preferential customs rates, such as free trade agreements. Ensure that the certificate of origin for pallets from the USA to Poland is issued in accordance with the requirements in force in Poland and contains all necessary information.

Documents Dependent on the Type of Transport

For air freight of goods from the USA, an important document is the Air Waybill (AWB). It is a document in USA-Poland aviation trade relations that confirms the conclusion of a carriage agreement between the shipper and the carrier. Maritime transport of goods on the USA-Poland route in 40HC and 20DC containers requires obtaining a bill of lading from the carrier. Such a document confirms the receipt of consolidated cargo from the USA or other goods by the carrier.

Other Documents

For land transport from the USA or the use of other means of transportation, you may also need a customs value declaration. However, make sure whether such a document is mandatory in your case. In addition, importing from the USA to Poland is possible after preparing a Single Administrative Document (SAD). The document is considered an application to initiate customs proceedings.

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