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Poland Imports from USA — A Brief Analysis

Poland’s imports from the United States encompass a wide range of products from diverse industries. The forwarding of goods from the USA to Poland is thriving, with significant potential for further growth in trade cooperation between the two countries. Let’s explore the primary US exports to Poland.

Electromechanical products

Poland imports from the USA a substantial volume of electromechanical products. Regular shipments of modern machinery, as well as electrical and electronic equipment, arrive in Poland in containers such as 40HC and 20DC from the USA. For more information on the import of American electromechanical products, visit Acland’s website about delivery of goods from the USA.

Mineral products

The United States is also a significant supplier of mineral products to the Polish market. Most shipments from the USA to Poland in this category are transported by sea. Containers such as 40 ft and 20 ft from the USA contain coal, metal ores, and various chemical raw materials, which are crucial for the Polish industry.

Metallurgical products

Metallurgical products play an important role in US exports to Poland, with steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals being the dominant items. The United States is renowned for its high-quality products that meet the requirements of the Polish market. Due to the size and weight of such products, delivery of goods from the USA primarily occurs via sea transportation.

Agricultural and food products

The USA is also a relatively important supplier of agricultural and food products to Poland. Pallets from the USA to Poland are often loaded with grains, seeds, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Due to their short shelf life, air delivery of such goods from the USA is preferred.

What else does Poland import from the USA? 

Another significant portion of imports from the USA to Poland revolves around the automotive industry and trucking from the USA. Interestingly, exports from Poland to the USA include parts for vehicles. Moreover, US consolidated cargo often contains electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and various gadgets that enjoy great demand in the Polish market. USA-Poland cargo transportation also involves chemical products.

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