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What do you need to start a career in international transport logistics?

Co jest potrzebne do rozpoczęcia kariery w logistyce transportu międzynarodowego

Are you considering starting a career in international transport logistics? This industry is still in a phase of rapid development, so finding a job should not be a problem. Moreover, you can expect good earnings. Let’s see what employers may expect from candidates applying for positions in international transport logistics.


Contrary to appearances, a higher education degree is not always required in the logistics industry. Logistics companies may also be interested in hiring individuals who have completed vocational schools specializing in logistics. However, holding an engineering diploma or a master’s degree in the field of Transportation, Shipping, and Logistics (TSL) opens up opportunities for more prestigious positions and better earnings.

Foreign language proficiency

International logistics definitely demands foreign language proficiency. Good knowledge of English is now essential for successful communication with customers, suppliers, and business partners. However, knowledge of other languages can also be beneficial. For instance, Acland handles transportation not only from the USA but also from China, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

Technical skills

Technical skills can certainly contribute to securing a job in international transport logistics. Familiarity with computer software and tools for logistics management is highly desirable. Possessing knowledge of transportation management systems (TMS), fleet monitoring, and data analysis is always positively evaluated by potential employers.

Industry experience

It is possible to enter the international logistics industry without prior experience in similar positions. However, having experience working for a logistics service provider or knowledge of important procedures can assist in obtaining a better position or negotiating higher salaries. Employers also view professional internships, traineeships, and volunteer work related to logistics favorably.

Specific personality traits

Working in international transportation logistics requires specific personal traits. An ideal candidate is an organized person who excels at time management and performs well under stress and time pressure. Additionally, they should have strong interpersonal skills, enjoy teamwork, and be flexible and adaptable to changes.

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